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What is branding?
A brand is a set of values, values and characteristics of an enterprise in the minds of consumers

A brand is not a logo or a name. The brand is an abstract concept and is located in the minds of customers

Branding is the process of placing the values, values and characteristics of an enterprise in the mind of the consumer .
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Packaging design We reflect the mission of your brand, its values, philosophy, superiority over others. This will set you apart from the competition!
One of the elements of a brand that helps customers distinguish one product or service from another. Also, the brand name is one of the factors that conveys the company's activities, values and goals to the minds of customers.
A visual symbol that describes a company or product. It is used to differentiate the company from competitors and to establish contact with customers.
This is the logo usage guide. The brand book includes the brand's mission, values, character, tone of voice, slogan, rules for using the logo, minimum size and safe limits of the logo, color palette, and typography.
Packaging design
Packaging design is a design service that serves to distinguish products in store packaging. Packaging design serves to increase the company's sales.
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