The result:
Restyling the previous logo and reflecting the company's values in the new logo.
— The logo shows an airplane and a bird's wing in a modern style.
— Carrot was used to express sincerity and warmth.
"Aviatop" - Aviakassa and tourist agency
"Aviatop" - Aviakassa
Restyling the previous logo and reflecting the values of the company in the new logo.
Our logo design process consists of 7 steps:
Briefing. In this process, our client's company, problems and wishes are studied.
Transfer files. After the project is approved by our client, the files of the logo will be handed over to our client for their use.
Analysis. In this process, information received from our client, competitors, our client's industry and other information are studied
As if developing and sketching. In this process, the idea of the logo is developed, various options are considered, and in the end, one option is chosen.
Plagiarism check. In this process, the prepared logo is checked for plagiarism (that is, the degree of similarity of the logo).
Quality control. The work prepared in this process is checked according to the quality standards of our company.
Project presentation. The work done in this process will be presented to our client.
The second stage
A sketch is a sketch of your idea on paper. We can determine the approximate appearance of the logo by drawing a sketch.
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